26th June 2018


There is nothing wrong with the current US gun laws.
And anyone who tells you differently is ignoring the facts.
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Why should a few extremely mentally ill school shooters affect the rights of responsible, legal gun owners who own them for all the right reasons?
So what are these reasons?
The key point: The right to bear arms is in the American constitution. It is in place so that people can defend themselves and their families, and in the case of a tyrannical government, the people will be able to defend themselves and rise up against the government. This needs to happen so that extremist factions or totalitarian leaders can’t do what we have seen them do all over the rest of the world. Do we want America to become North Korea? The biggest hypocrisy I find in anti-gun arguments is that so many people on the left denounce President Trump as a “tyrant” or a “dictator”, surely if this is the case, they would find this amendment handy?

America is the land of the free, but this wouldn’t be the case if people weren’t allowed to defend themselves. People either have this right, or they don’t. there is no middle ground. Let me ask you: Do you guys believe that police brutality is a problem? Of course, it is. 69% of the victims of police brutality in the US who are African-American/Black are suspected of a non-violent crime and are unarmed. Abuse of power by the government employees who control our society is all too normal. Yet you believe that the police are the only ones who should have guns? This doesn’t make sense to me.
Guns make all people equal. There are lots of beautiful young women in this room. I ask you to picture this: You are alone in a dark alleyway, walking home from work or a night out or whatever, and you are attacked by an aggressive male with violent or sexual intent. They are physically stronger than you and would easily overpower you. What is your solution? Call the cops? They won’t be there for 20 minutes. However, if you have a loaded gun in your handbag, you are likely to escape with your life. A bullet makes all people equal, regardless of physical strength, sex, or race. And we should have the right to own that equalizer. If the government takes away our right to bear arms, what’s next? The right to freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? Before we know it we will be controlled absolutely. The bill of rights is the basis of American human rights.  But, people say, these rights should be flexible if it would save lives and benefit the country as a whole. If the Bill of Rights isn’t solid and certain then what’s to say we won’t see a deterioration of all human rights? We can’t cherrypick by enjoying some of these rights and dismissing others. Anyone who is against guns is for the stripping of the day to day rights that you and I take for granted. Not only this but If America was to have these changes “for the great good” then countless rapes and murders of innocent people would occur as a result.

Do you know how many people were killed by firearms every year in the US? Including suicides, approximately 35000 people. Without suicides, around 16000 people. But for the purpose of the argument, we can take the higher statistic because I’m a reasonable guy. Did you also know that every year, between 500 thousand (that being a minimum) to over 3 million lives were saved by the use of firearms in a defensive situation? That’s according to the US national security council, in the context of 300 thousand violent crimes involving the use of firearms. That’s right: there are exponentially greater figures of law-abiding citizens using guns for the exact purpose that they were intended… And that doesn’t include the fact that even brandishing a firearm without using it is often enough to scare a criminal off.

But, these same people say, if you carry a loaded handgun on you who’s to say someone won’t take it off you and use it against you? Someone could steal your car and run you over with it, but we’re still allowed cars! Just like cars, to buy a weapon there are extensive licensing processes and background checks which help to mitigate the dangerous use of the product. And this brings us to the elephant in the room: School shootings and mass murders. These are problems, however horrific and tragic they are, that will happen regardless of whether people have access to guns or not. Someone who is hell-bent on killing people isn’t going to let the weapon they use be an obstacle. Mental illness is a whole other ball-game which I’m not willing to go into, however I believe, and believe me I have done my research, that the issue of mental health is the real problem, and clearly we have a sick younger generation that should be our priority to deal with rather than a trivial technicality about the weapons they use. Why should these outliers who are clearly not right in the head affect the rights of legal, legitimate gun owners? If guns save more lives than they take by such a large margin, then an increase in responsible gun ownership should be the next step, rather than the opposite.

Despite these strong arguments, which are backed up by irrefutable facts, I bet there are still people in this room who believe America has a gun problem. These people will say that the one thing I am lacking is empathy; It is not empathetic to let the laws remain how they are because the shootings wilI go on. Well, I answer with this: is it not an empathetic viewpoint to want to save the approximate 1,570 murders; 4,177 rapes; and over 60,000 aggravated assaults that are avoided yearly? For those of you who disagree, I invite you to approach me after this and present me with your argument. All I have to say to you is good luck.


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